Also known as the Wakefield FC, it was a football club that was located in west Yorkshire in Wakefield. Previously, the club was based in the village of Emley and between the year 1903 and the year 2002, it was known to be Emley A.F.C. Dan Ford who was a member of the team is still the one who holds the most goals having a total of 115 scored goals in a total of 230 games that the team played.

The history of the Wakefield Football club

As mentioned earlier, the club was formed in the year 1903 and begun in the village of Emley which was in the local Huddersfield. The club was, later on, able to graduate from been known as the West riding league to the popular Northern premier league.  However, there is still a lot of debate in regards to when the club was formed. Emley Clarence FC was formed in the year 1903 which was the one that joined the Huddersfield. This is where the current club known as Wakefield football club came from.

For the period that the club was in existence which is around 66 years, the club was able to play in local junior leagues that were held in Huddersfield. Over the years, the team was successful, and they got a list of honors which was shown during their junior levels. However, in the 1960s was when the team started to have an impact on people which was what lead to them starting to get noticed.

The Yorkshire League Domination that was held in the 1970s

After a lot of games, the club saw that it was now time for them to start consolidating their position. This was now their chance to enter the FA cup games. In the year 1974, when the FA amateur cup ended, their rise in influence in the semi-professional football made them earn the FA trophy.

The Emley club was able to win the Sheffield cup which was between the years1975 to the year 1976. They were able to have victory in the game which they finished on a 2-0. On the next seven seasons that the club was participating in, Kevin McHale was the one who took over as manager. The club was able to win the Yorkshire League championships fourtimes, and they were also the runners-up in the other three seasons that they participated in later on. In addition to this, the team was also able to win the Sheffield cup two more times. This was the period in which the Emley club was cemented to be the non-league force which was dominating in the town of Yorkshire. Learn more about Wakefield here.

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