When you are in the town of Wakefield, and you are wondering what to do, well, there are a number of places in which you can be able to visit. The town has a number of art and historical buildings as well as some of the most beautiful sculptures that you could find. There are also a number of museums that you can also visit together with your family. You should be sure that there are a lot of calendar events that could keep you busy as you explore the rich heritage and thrills that the town of Wakefield has to offer. Some of the things you can do and places to visit have been mentioned below.

The Haw park wood Wakefield

This replanted ancient wood is located about 3 miles from the city Centre in Wakefield. There is the Barnsley and Trans Pennine Trail that passes through providing a good place for cycling and walking especially to be the people who are living in the countryside. During the 1600s, the Haw park wood was known originally to be part of the ancient Don Forest. This would be a nice place to visit if you are with your family. You could also have a picnic and simply get to have a relaxing and peaceful moment.

The Pontefract Hermitage

Also known as the monument, the Pontefract Hermitage is also a beautiful place you can visit. The place has two chambers which also has a spiral staircase that can be easily reached with a total of 63 steps. All of the stairs have been excavated by hand and have been made out of solid rock. The oratory has a fireplace, a cross, and a set and it also has a domed ceiling making it a beautiful site to look at.

The Blackerhall farm shop Wakefield

This farm is known to have at least 300 years of farming that has been done there by the Garthwaite family. The family ventured greatly into retailing, and they also spend a lot of their time on the farm. If you are looking for somewhere you can buy fresh food; then this is the right place to be. The farm has fresh meat which comes directly from their farm as well as baked products, freshly baked cake and also a restaurant and coffee shop if you want to sit down with your family and enjoy a good decent meal.


Known to be a captivating and charming peaceful village, it is located around 2 miles from the Centre of Wakefield town.  The village has privately owned homes, cottages, and grand houses that have been there ever since the 18th century. If you want to have a taste of the ancient times, then this is the right place to be.

For an educational day out with family and friends visit the Wakefield Museum.